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� �                                                                                                                                                     Product Description.!                   Informatics Software Solution has its expertise in building highly useful Windows Application & Web Application which are seamlessly integrated and fully customized and also responsible to make Websites for the Clients. Our Company Develop a lots of Desktop Application Management Packages like as - Advertisement Management Software, Billing Management ( Tax Invoice ) Software, Budget Analysis System, College Management, Consultancy Software, Accounting ERP Software, Hospital Management, Hotel Management, HR Management, Institute Management, Diagnosis LAB System Software, Laundry System Software, Library System Software, Offline Exam Software, Payroll System Software, Pharma System Software, PMIS NGO Software, Real Estate Software, Restaurant & Bar Management Software, Retail Management Software, School Management Software, School Routing Table System Software, Stock & Inventory Management Software etc. All above Software is Developed both online or offline system Architecture.
                      Informatics Software Solution has also conduct all types Website Development MLM Software, Logo Design and all Software & Website related Services & Support to giving Clients to help any Software & Data handlling through Our Company.  
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